Florida Myths Series

Alligators Eeeek! – Florida Real Estate Myths

April 4, 2018 Posted by: Condo Queen

Florida Real Estate Myth Busting We often get interesting but legitimate questions about the myths and stereotypes of living in Florida. Worried about purchasing in Florida due a fear of wildlife? One of the more fun topics is the fear of crossing paths with alligators! You might laugh but when a real estate buyer is considering purchasing property on a golf course or other marshy-wetlandy areas we often have to address the concern of alligators. Join Diana Williams, Royalty Realty Broker, as she explains the realities and provides statistics concerning […]

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Coastal Florida Weather

March 14, 2018 Posted by: Condo Queen

Weather Concerns for Purchasing Coastal Florida Real Estate When purchasing coastal Florida real estate buyers often express their concerns for the intense weather, especially “The Big H”…hurricanes.   Long time local resident and Condo Queen, Diana Williams, reviews the history of tropical depressions, hurricanes, and other inclement weather in New Smyrna Beach.  The news has a special way of hyping up these weather events but in all reality damage has been minimal due to New Smyrna’s location, tucked behind Cape Canaveral.  Learn more by watching the full video discussing the purchase of […]

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