Florida Wildlife – Dolphins

Florida Wildlife – Dolphins

Florida Dolphins

On an average day here in New Smyrna Beach, you can be sure to spot dolphins following seabirds and fishing boats in the coastal waters. And just as any marine wildlife, they are a sight to be seen and respected in their natural habitat.  Just ask any of our New Smyrna Real Estate Agents and they’ll tell you they often catch the “dolphin shows” around town while surfing, boating, paddle boarding and kayaking.

Whether you’re in the mood for a relaxing boat tour with Turtle Mound River Tours, Marine Discovery Center, or a more adventurous experience of kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding with East Coast Paddle, New Smyrna Stand-up, and more; New Smyrna beach offers many different ways to view these beautiful creatures.  Check out available Ocean and River front Condos and Homes where you can see dolphins playing right from your balcony view!

To ensure the safety of wild Dolphins here are some Do’s and Dont’s when viewing dolphins:


🐬Feed or attempt to feed wild dolphins: it is harmful and illegal.

Illegal feeding of wild dolphins causes behavioral changes, injury, and death. Chronic feeding causes dolphins to:

  • lose their natural wariness of humans;
  • become dependent on humans for handouts;
  • abandon their natural hunting practices; and
  • teach their calves to become dependent on people for food.

Dolphins are also more likely to be struck by boats, become entangled in fishing gear, remove bait and catch.

🐬Pursue, swim with, pet or touch wild dolphins, even if they approach you.

🐬 Separate mother/calf pairs.

🐬 Drive watercraft through or over groups of dolphins.


🐬 Stay at least 50 yards away from dolphins when viewing from a vessel or Jet Ski. Use binoculars for best viewing.

🐬 Limit time spent observing marine mammals to 30 minutes or less.

🐬 Avoid making loud or sudden noises near dolphins.

🐬 Move away slowly if a dolphin’s behavior indicates the animal is stressed or disturbed.

🐬 Put your vessel’s engine in neutral if in close vicinity of dolphins.

 Prevent harassment of wild dolphins!

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