Needs v.s. Wants New Smyrna Beach Condos

Needs v.s. Wants New Smyrna Beach Condos

Determining Needs When Considering New Smyrna Beach Condos for Purchase

When you embark on the condo-buying process, your heart is filled with high expectations to fulfill your ideal living situation.  It’s hard to stop your mind from reeling through the “I have to have X…Y…Z,  so I’ll cut back somewhere else ” statement.  It’s even more difficult when you dive into your search of New Smyrna Beach condos without a realistic plan of what you need and can afford versus what you want and may unnecessarily be cutting back on other things. This post will shine some light on how to better assess your purchase power and make sure to get the things you really need when considering New Smyrna Beach condos for purchase as your new homestead or investment.

List Everything – Needs & Wants

First, go crazy and list everything you want and know you need.  Practical and impractical jot it down.  Have your spouse or partner do the same thing in a separate document.  It’s even better if you don’t show each other because that really helps identify what is important to you both when evaluating New Smyrna Beach condos.  Then each of you sort your individual list  by order of importance. What’s the number one feature you can’t live without? Do you need ample light, thus large windows and skylights? How about a Florida room or playroom for your kids? Walk-in closets in the master?  Ask yourself these questions and compile a top ten list, each of you.  Now the moment of truth, compare your list to your partner’s top ten and your needs should pop out. How many things appear on both of your top ten list? Which features ended up on both lists? Those features should carry more weight when searching New Smyrna Beach condos because there is importance to both of you.

Highlight the Important Features

Now the fun part, because organization and realization is fun!  Look at your individual lists and consider the following:

  • Big ticket features that are the foundation of the structure.  Total square footage, number and types of rooms, window size, kitchen layout, your view, etc. The things that would require a large financial and time investment to change. These features should take priority in your decision.
  • Cosmetic features, including things you could do yourself to spruce up the place and make it your own. Move things such as paint color, cabinets, lighting, flooring, etc. These are little things that are easily changed and not that expensive. Remove them from your list or put them at the very bottom. Don’t remove New Smyrna Beach condos that have carpet or ugly wallpaper from your list to see if you can check off the main features.

Both lists should be getting pretty lean and honed in on needs at this point.

Now prioritize each one of these remaining features and combine your lists into one top ten list. Ask yourselves, would you be willing to give up item number 7, say, to have item number 3? Would you be willing to give up an extra bedroom for an ocean view? Sometimes you need to bust out your calculator and evaluate the costs; mortgage, HOA fees, etc.  These are the hardest questions to answer, but it’ll put your must-haves in the right order.

Give Royalty Realty Your List for New Smyrna Beach Condos Search

Contact Royalty Realty and let our awesome group of Real Estate Agents handle your needs!  We will create inventory alerts based off of your list and refer back to you when we find New Smyrna Beach condos that meet your criteria.  Our Condo Queen Team is here to further help you evaluate what you can afford plus checking off things from your list.  When in doubt, if your head is spinning and a decision needs to be made between this condo or that condo ask yourself these four questions:

  1. Is it on your top ten from your combined lists?
  2. Will it be a huge cost to change, add, or completely remove?
  3. Is it so important that you could sacrifice two other features from your list?
  4. Would you have buyer’s remorse without it?

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