New Smyrna Listing Agent for Selling Your Home

New Smyrna Listing Agent for Selling Your Home

Choosing a New Smyrna Listing Agent

Learn the importance of choosing a New Smyrna listing agent that is going to be diligent in the necessary research to price your condo, home, or property to sell in your expected time and price range for the New Smyrna beach area.

How much should you price your home for?

When do appraisals come into play?

What updates should I make to sell quickly?

If I list with you what type of advertising will you do for my home?

Typical percentage buyers offer off list price and actual percentage sellers come off of list price, on average?

Whew.  These are big questions that your listing agent should be giving you all the details on.  In this video we give you tips on the overall selling process and information on how New Smyrna listing agents at Royalty Realty will support you throughout the listing and selling of your home.

Watch more episodes of Royalty Realty’s newest series answering your questions about the New Smyrna real estate market.  Check back weekly or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest to receive notifications of new episodes.  Leave a comment or question and let BB and Me research your toughest real estate questions!  Royalty Realty prides itself in having a team of agents dedicated to providing our customers with local insight and staying on top of market trends.  We look forward to working with you in the near future on the smooth transaction of selling your New Smyrna property.

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